14 Days of Fortnite Event Day 2 Guide and Reward

Day 2 of the 14 Days of Fortnite Event has been unlocked. The challenge is to Visit 2 giant candy canes, which are scattered around the map. After completing the challenge, you receive a Christmas themed wallpaper, called Festive Firefight.

Giant Candy Cane Locations

As far as I can tell, there are a total of 4 Giant Candy Canes on the map. There might be more, but these are the ones that I found. You only need to visit 2 of them in total. I will post the locations of the 4 Giant Candy Canes.

West of Fatal Fields

To the west of Fatal Fields, there is a mountain with a Giant Candy Cane on it.

North-East of Shifty Shafts

To the North-East of Shift Shafts, there is another Giant Candy Cane, on the top of the mountain.

North of Frosty Flights

To the North of Frosty Flights, there is a Giant Candy Cane. Again, the Giant Candy Cane is located on top of the mountain.

West of The Block

Lastly, you can find a Giant Candy Cane on the mountain to the West of The Block, as seen on the map below.

Festive Firefight Wallpaper

This is what the Festive Firefight Wallpaper Reward looks like

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