Fortnite Battle Royale Infinity Blade Vaulted!

A couple of days ago, Epic decided to introduce the Infinity Blade into Fortnite Battle Royale. This mighty weapon was introduced into the game alongside patch V7.01, which brought many fixes with it as well. However, Epic and Fortnite Battle Royale players soon discovered that the Infinity Blade was way too overpowered.

Infinity Blade Vaulted

Less than an hour ago, Epic has announced that they have made a mistake with the Infinity Blade. It is overpowered, and doesn’t have a good counter. Therefor, Epic has decided to vault the Infinity Blade for the time being. They have also stated that they will re-evaluate their approach to Mythic items.

In this video, you can clearly see how overpowered the Infinity Blade really is.

The tweet by Epic basically means that they know they have made a mistake with the Infinity Blade. It is not yet clear if they are going to nerf the Infinity Blade, and reintroduce it, or if it is vaulted forever. Only time will tell.

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